Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BUH BYE 2013!

2013 has come and gone and if the posts on my Facebook feed are any indication of what people are feeling, good riddance, don't let the door hit you in the...well, you get the idea.

2013 brought the best of times and the worst of times for me.  My Mom had open heart surgery in September and took my family on a journey to hell and back, but she is here today, just as feisty as ever.  I spent almost three weeks with her and will never regret it.  Many have told me that she would not have pulled through, had I not made the trip.  I'm not sure if that is true, but sometimes it takes a family member in the room 24/7 to make certain things progress the way they should, not to mention reminding the patient that she is loved and still needed in the outside world.  Mom is currently residing in a nursing home and her old spark has finally returned.  It is a joy to talk with her every evening and to send her goodie bags, etc.  She waits to open them until I am on the phone and "oooohs and aaaahs" with the delight of a child at the simplest of pleasures (a new "designer" nail polish or a magazine "that I will read until the cows come home").  The entire experience, though taxing to the limit, has brought us closer than we have ever been and she calls me her "angel".  Who knew that could happen with a fifty-something stuck-in-her-ways singleton and a crotchety, stubborn as a mule (to put it lightly), older woman?  Yes, miracles occurred in the year of our Lord, two thousand and thirteen!

Another profound event was the graduation of my son, Ethan, from North Carolina State University, with degrees in both Computer and Electrical Engineering.  Ethan is the first college graduate on either side of his family and to say that I was proud doesn't do the word justice!  He pursued and was offered the job he wanted and is happily employed by a firm with offices right on the campus of NC State.

The most devastating event of the year was the loss of our beloved cat, Callie Darla LaMaster, on August 12.  I still miss her every day of my life.  I truly hope that there is a home for pets in heaven because I want to see her again someday.  I hang onto the hope that my Grandma is crocheting with Callie at her feet or that she is napping on her daddy Brian's ample belly.

For 2014, I wish for all of my friends and family to be happy and to fulfill dreams they never thought possible.  Life is so very short and the time is NOW to be exceedingly, over the moon happy and not just content with the status quo.  Let's make it happen!

I also want Washington to get their act together this year.  No more government shutdowns, etc.  It is time for every American citizen to DEMAND accountability and responsibility from our leaders.  How many of us would still be employed had we used the tactics our elected officials did during the shutdown?  It was shameful and embarrassing to our country.  It is time to stop talking about bipartisanship and LIVE it.  There needs to be some MAJOR reaching across the aisle of BOTH PARTIES this year.  I will be watching closely and if I see petulant behavior on the part of any elected leader, I will be shouting it from the rooftop.  It's time for real and dramatic change.  I want to hear no more talk without actions to back it up.  Who's with me?

Also, let's let go of things, OK?  And supposed signs of status?  Our life is a blip so why do we let ourselves care so much about trivial "stuff"?  It's fine to admire items of beauty, but the coveting has to stop.  And if you can't afford the "real" thing, stop buying the knock-offs.  No one is going to buy the fact that it's real and isn't that against the law anyway?  I see more fake Coach bags than I care to see EVERY DAY.  Just STOP.

One last wish for 2014...more Pope Francis and less Miley.  Pretty please?